Dr. Kyong Mee Choi

Professor of Music Composition

Program Director of Music Composition & Music and Computing

Chicago College of Performing Arts

Roosevelt University

Mission of the University: Dedicated to the enlightenment of the human spirit


     MCMP 325/425: Composing I: Art & Progress

     MCMP 326/426: Composing II: Art & Progress

     MCMP 205-01: Beginning Composition

     MCMP 211-01: Composition I

     MCMP 212-01: Composition II

     MCMP 210-80: Private Composition Lesson for Freshman

     MCMP 225-01: Composition Seminar

     MCMP 201-99: Principles of Music Composition for non-music major

     MUTC 309-01/409-01: Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music

     MTA 325-01/425-01: Intro to Electro-Acoustic Music

     MTA 326-01/426-01: Electro-Acoustic Music II

     MTA 301-01: Instrumentation/Orchestration

     MAS 404-01: Contrapuntal Techniques in 20th Century Music

     MUHL 340-01/440-01: Music of Today: Visual Art Influence on 20th and 21st Century

     MAS 480-02: Visual Art and Music

     MAS 480-03: Multimedia and Total Theater

     ARTL 101: The Professional Musician in Society

     MCMP 211-414: Private Composition Lessons